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Craig Mattey

Craig Mattey

Craig Mattey is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of real estate development and investment experience. Mr. Matty's expertise includes acquisition, development, and sale of new and redeveloped residential and mixed-use properties located throughout the Western United States. He also has extensive experience is structuring partnerships, debt placement, raising venture capital and investment underwriting.


Prior to forming the JMAC Communities team,  Mr. Mattey had a long and successful entrepreneurial career. Over the past fifteen years, he was involved as a principal in a wide range of real estate transactions in residential, multi-family, commercial properties, including numerous parcels of raw land which he and his team have taken through the entitlement process. Mr. Mattey's primary focus has been on opportunistic or value-added investing.  He has a systematic approach to acquiring undervalued land assets and creating substantial value through the land planning, zoning, and regulatory approval process. 


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