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James Myers

James Myers is an accomplished real estate investor with over fifteen consecutive years of success in the acquisition, re-positioning, and management of residential assets. Mr. Myers’ ability to strategically identify and evaluate relevant factors of risk and return, has enabled him to personally steer the acquisition and disposition of over 160 residential properties.  His understanding of the associated costs (acquisition, legal, carrying, capital improvement, marketing, closing) along with property management and real estate cycle trends has resulted in strong returns with reduced risk.


Mr. Myers graduated from Arizona State University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance - Investment Analysis.  His field of study while at ASU also included an emphasis on real estate.  Prior to becoming a full-time real estate professional, Mr. Myers worked for State Farm Insurance as an operations manager and catastrophe claims specialist.  The latter position afforded comprehensive experience in construction materials/processes, and construction contract negotiation.

James Myers


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