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Steven Abrams

Steven Abrams

Steven Abrams started his career in Massachusetts in 1987 as a real estate investor and developer. He specializes in purchasing long-term investment opportunities typically in down markets and pursues development opportunities in thriving markets.  During his career, he has purchased and sold over 300 properties in Massachusetts, Hawaii, Las Vegas and California.  Mr. Abrams' strategic focus on market cycles has allowed him to purchase properties at cycle bottoms and to liquidate those holdings during market peaks.  In addition to his pursuit of highly discounted residential real estate portfolios for remodel and resale, Mr. Abrams has a diverse amount of development experience which includes remodeling historic brownstone buildings, and conversion of single-family homes to condos for resale.


Mr. Abrams graduated college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. From 2000 - 2009, while working full-time in Hawaii as an investor and developer, Mr. Abrams also opened a successful real estate brokerage employing upwards of 96 sales associates.  Mr. Abrams retains ownership in this brokerage and his management team continues to operate the business successfully.


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